One of Centrotecnica’s core business is the design and manufacturing of fixturing solutions, that is equipment aimed at rigidly interfacing test items and the shaker’s armature during test activity. With over 30 years of experience in the test industry field, centrotecnica can offer our customers unique and customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. A whole range of standard and special fixtures characterized by accurate design and high precision are available on request. Centrotecnica offers special customized fixtures which are designed and manufactured according to customer’s specific item mounting requirements. Thanks to Centrotenica’s in house-capabilities, which include wide experience in fixture design and FEM analysis, its customized fixtures represent the perfect solution to support test activity in sectors where precision, high dynamic performances and reliability are key points like automotive, aerospace, avionics, train & rails and more.

Standard fixtures are fixing solutions used in order to modify (by widening, increasing in height, inclining) the useful dimension of the armature to allow three axis testing mounting.

This includes:

  • Expanders and guided Expanders
  • Extenders
  • Cubes and Prisms
  • Thermal Barriers
  • Special Triaxial and resonant fixtures

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