Sinus analyzer can be used for vibration measurement applications including multi-channel instruments, accelerometers, vibration velocity sensors, force sensors, industrial vibration sensors, piezoelectric pressure sensors, vibration calibrators, comprehensive accessories and evaluation software complying with national and international standards including ISO 2954, ISO 7919 and ISO 10816. Structural and modal analysis applications include multi-channel instruments, accelerators, force sensors, impulse hammers, shakers, comprehensive accessories, and software to determine the frequency-dependent transfer function. Acoustic sound power applications include sound level meters, multi-channel instruments, microphones, reference sound sources according to DIN EN ISO 6926 comprehensive accessories and evaluation software for measurement of sound power complying with the national and international DIN EN ISO 3744 / 3745 / 3746, ISO 6395, DIN EN ISO 3741 and DIN EN ISO 9614 1/2 standards.

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